Branding vs Marketing vs Sales: Mana yang Lebih Penting?


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It is often considered the final step of the process for a business and the actual stage when branding and marketing are monetized or they meet their worth in salt. Seasoned marketers term ‘sales’ as the differentiator between a ‘successful business’ and a ‘good idea’. If with all your branding and marketing campaigns you aren’t able to earn money to run your business the strategies you have tried would fall flat on your face. Like branding and marketing, sales too has three core functions and this is how Apple’s salesperson interact with their customers to satisfy their needs –

  • Understanding Needs– Every customer has his/her own needs and Apple has a wide selection of products that are targeted to meet such niche needs. Whenever a customer walks into a store or talks to a sales executive over phone they focus on carefully understanding the needs of the customer. For instance when a customer plans to buy a MacBook he/she can choose between the entry end MacBook Air and top of the line MacBook Pro 15 and salesperson would take note of the customer’s tastes, preferences and budget.
  • Present Solutions– Once the salesperson at Apple knows the exact need of their customers they suggest them the best possible product that would suffice these needs. If there are two variations of the same iPhone in terms of internal storage they would explain the pros and cons of both products to the customer allowing him/her to take an informed and qualified decision.
  • Solve Problems– At Apple it isn’t only about selling the product as most of its customers aren’t likely to find another brand that would offer similar value and hence focuses on solving problems. Apple prefers on-store experience for its customers over selling its products online and has designed personal pickup model where a customer shops for the product online and picks it up from the store with a detailed demo. Thus he/she is saved from the hassle of unboxing a product and finding it tough to insert a SIM card or sync data on the new device.

To sum-up the success of a business rests on the perfect synergy between branding, marketing and sales. If they are not in equilibrium in relation to each other a million dollar idea can be a non-starter. And when they are in perfect harmony they script inspiring tales.


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